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ShareWatch is a custom web application designed specifically to display 20 minute delayed share pricing   plus other information for companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The program may be run on demand but is designed efficiently to run continually in the background on a PC under Windows 95/98/NT4 or Windows 2000 equipped with a connection to the Internet via a network adaptor or a dial up connection.

The program allows you to enter selected ASX codes into a Watch List and display a diverse range of pricing and trading data for various stocks. It can display multiple Watch Lists with several user configurable views including 20 minute delayed pricing, last day's closing prices and optionally, with password protection, your share holdings and calculated values from last traded prices. The stock codes are flagged with green green.bmp (1162 bytes) or red red.bmp (1162 bytes) markers indicating rising or falling prices.



Program Highlights

WB00916_.GIF (201 bytes) On-line prices for 20 minute delayed pricing
dot Multiple Watch Lists, unlimited stocks
dot Multiple Views - unlimited user defined
dot Colour coded price changes
dot Display your holdings, values and profit/loss
dot Automatic or manual update of pricing data
dot Scrolling Stock Ticker
dot Display ASX Indices
dot On-line Quotes
dot On-line Company Information
dot On-line Company Announcements
dot Set Alarms on the price movements
dot Set Alarms for company announcements
dot Leave out stocks on your Windows screen
dot Cut and paste  to Word or Excel
dot Opening and closing bell for market hours
dot Efficient, multi-threaded design
dot Designed for background operation

Main Window

Sharewatch is no longer available for download.

Disclaimer : All information provided by ShareWatch is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and is not in any manner to be construed as advice. GPSoftware is not affiliated with the ASX nor any company or individual providing share market advice, makes no representations as to the accuracy of this information and you should not rely on it when making investment decisions. GPSoftware accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that may result from the use of the information presented by this program. For specific information and advice in relation to your personal requirements and the taxation implications of investing in shares, users should consult a financial or other professional adviser before making any investment decisions. This information does not contain recommendations, reports, analysis, or other advisory information relating to specific securities, or issuers of securities, and does not constitute an invitation to persons to enter, or offer to enter, into an investment agreement or to exercise any rights conferred by an agreement to acquire, dispose of, underwrite or convert an investment, or contain information calculated to lead directly or indirectly to persons doing so.

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