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Customising ShareWatch

GPSoftware has been developing software for over 12 years and offers custom programming services for a range of applications. The ShareWatch program has been developed using an efficient multi-threaded model which currently accesses publicly available data sources. But, its modular design allows it to be readily customised to access  private or customer-supplied data sources, company information, company reports, special alerts for external events and much more. Access to a given data stream can be readily tailored to accept secure transmission via authenticated servers or via secure logins.

Applications for customised versions could include :-

  • providing real time data direct to end user's desktop with minimal interference of normal activity;
  • providing rapid access to data and eliminating annoying Java based delays as with full web browsers;
  • a stockbroking house could provide live on-line data direct to their customers via secure login;
  • consultants or advisers could supply custom data and watch lists direct to the clients desktop;
  • data suppliers could supply custom data and company reports to selected end users;
  • access to historical data to provide charting information.

If your company has a requirement for any of these services or activities, please contact Dr Greg Perry at the address below.

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